 Environmental expert frowns at indiscriminate logging.

The indiscriminate felling of trees and illegal logging activities in Bayelsa State have been described as threat to the forest.

An environmental activist and former BYSIEC Commissioner, Chief Alfred Itiedu made this known in a chat with a radio Bayelsa reporter in Yenagoa.

He bemoaned the situation where trees with high economic value that need to be preserved and protected are rather being rapidly logged by timber dealers.

Chief Itiedu expressed worry that trees such as Abura, Iroko, Black and White Afara as well as Mahogany which take many years to mature for timber are on the verge of going to extinction due to indiscriminate logging.

According to him, most of the timber dealers are non- indigenes who exploit the Bayelsa forest and transport the logs to milling factories elsewhere in the country and only to sell the finished products back to us in the state at exorbitant cost.

Chief Itiedu however, called on state government to be firm in the regulation of logging activities in the state, just as in Edo and Oyo states, there are stringent measures to checkmate the menace.

He advocated government legislation in order to frontally address the problem and possibly fully empower the Forestry Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources to police the perpetrators.

The environmental activist equally charged youth leaders, the elites, opinion leaders and traditional rulers to champion the campaign of ‘ Cut One Tree, Plant Three’ while urging them to speak against illegal logging carried out in the forest right in their backyard.