America’s Got Talent Winner Michael Grimm Hospitalized and Sedated

America’s Got Talent winner Michael Grimm has been hospitalized and sedated due to an unknown illness, his wife Lucie shared. He was placed on a ventilator but is now breathing on his own.

Michael Grimm is facing a tough health battle.

The singer, who won America’s Got Talent in 2010, has been hospitalized and sedated for the past week as doctors try to find answers on his unknown illness, his wife Lucie Zolcerova-Grimmshared on Facebook June 6. He was on a ventilator until June 6 and is now in stable condition.

She said the 44-year-old was “struggling with his health” a lot in the past couple months and was lacking energy. After taking him to the emergency room and to see doctors, she said they couldn’t figure out what was wrong.