BBTitans: Yemi and Khosi share first kiss in Biggie’s house

Big Brother Titan’s housemates Yemi Cregx and Khosi have shared the first kiss in big brother’s house.

The duo have been said to have had a special connection from the moment they met each other on the opening night.

Khosi was the first to go into Biggie’s house, with Yemi following shortly after, opening the fans up to what seemed like an interesting relationship.

On the opening night, Yemi, in a lovely and gentlemanly manner, helped Khosi fix her earrings, an act that got social media users looking out for the duo’s ship.

Meanwhile, hours before that, Khosi wanted to end whatever was between herself and Yemi, as evident in a conversation they had earlier in the day.

The former said she wanted them to put an end to the connection they had and spend more time with other housemates.