David Oyedepo Reminds Nigerians on Suffering of Choosing Wrong Leadedrship

Founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo has expressed dismay on how quickly Nigerians forget all his warnings prior to the emergency of the current administration, saying that those who criticized him are currently breathing hard while some are dead.

Speaking during the 21 Days of prayer and fasting of the church, Oyedepo said that if Nigerians can’t learn from the past up until now, that shows that Nigerians have a very short memory.

“Some fellows were talking chaff in those days when I was talking to them about how the government we are voting into power is going to torment your life.” Being in church doesn’t make you a prophet. God tells me things, details about this nation, and I know something is happening right now, but when it’s time, I’ll talk to you.

“Those that said, ‘What do you mean?’ the other time, they’re breathing hard now, some are dead.” Just be in love, that’s all. You’ll become dead to what they’re saying, you’re just open only to what God is saying. Did you see pepper or not in the last 8 years? You know pepper is in grades, different levels of pepper. Nigerians, short memory, very short memory.

“If you can’t learn from the past up until now, I don’t know what you want to learn.” They made all balloon promises, nothing came to pass, not one. You wrote them down, newspaper wrote them down, you can’t see anything there.  They’re saying, “come again, come again, fools come”.

As the Lord lives, the devil will not have his way again in Nigeria for the sake of the destiny of innocent people. Security down to zero, you’re traveling, you’re looking at the back, everyday, on the street, in the town, in the villages, what?

“Somebody came to me during the primaries or something and said, he just wanted to ask for my prayer. I said, ‘good. Call me later please, I can’t talk to you people now’. They said, ‘we have brought an offering’. I said, “no no, they don’t use offering to hear from God’. He called me, I said, ‘don’t try it, it will be futile”, (he said), “ah, but I have so much promises’. (I said), “don’t try it, goodnight”, maybe he’s hearing me now.”