Brave woman in Russia interrupts live news.

A news channel in Russia was interrupted by an anti-war protester who warned viewers not to believe “propaganda” being broadcast.

Russia’s Channel One was interrupted by an employee carrying a huge placard which read “stop the war, don’t believe propaganda, they’re lying to you.”

Newsreader Ekaterina Andreeva was delivering her evening bulletin when the woman jumped out from behind while and producers scrambled to cut her off.

The demonstrator managed to enter the TV studio at the Ostankino Technical Center in Moscow and urged viewers that they being lied to.

Her message was written in Russian and English aimed at the channel’s millions of viewers – but producers quickly switched the broadcast to a clip of a hospital as they dealt with the situation.

The woman was later identified as Channel One employee Marina Ovsyannikova and she has reportedly since been detained.

Russian news broadcast interrupted by antiwar protest

Russia has cracked down on independent journalism after reports were published communicating the Kremlin’s stalled war and large losses in Ukraine.

The Kremlin has come down hard on protestors and shut down the country’s independent media outlets.