Cubana Chief Priest debunks rumours of having a child with Kenyan woman

Controversial blog, Gistlover alleged that the Cubana Chief Priest had welcomed a baby with a woman who resides in Kenya. The blogger reported that a woman had contacted her last year and claimed to be the businessman’s wife.

The woman claimed that when visiting Lagos for the first time, she met Cubana and had an affair with him without realizing that he was married.

She claimed that when she contacted the businessman after discovering she was pregnant, he advised her to have the baby aborted. She continued by saying he had stopped returning her calls and had blocked her everywhere.

Cubana Chief Priest refuted the claims on his Instagram account by claiming that he is wealthy enough to support any children he has outside of marriage and that the reports were false. Cubana challenged the blogger to conduct a DNA test on the infant and promised to double the costs if the child was actually his.