Darlon oil owners laments vandalism practice

Management of a leading oil and gas firm in Bayelsa State, Darlon Oil and Gas Limited wants the Maritime Workers Union to urgently check the use of its members’ boats for transportation of illegally refined petroleum products.

In a statement by Chairman of Darlon of the company, Chief Levi Wilson said this is a necessary step to stem the tide of pipeline vandalism and bunkering activities in the creeks.

Also speaking with our correspondent, Chief Levi explained that since wooden boats are too slow to beat surveillance efforts of its taskforce, artisanal crude oil refiners have resorted to the use of outboard engine speed boats to transfer illicit petroleum products in batches along the waterways.

He said the aiding and abetting of pipeline vandalism and illegal crude oil refining activities has impacted negatively on the people and environment of the Niger Delta region.

The Chairman cautioned that speed boat drivers caught encouraging illegal transportation of refined crude oil products would be made to face the law.