Ellen White: Former Lionesses Striker Recalls ‘Raw Emotion’ Of Euros Final After Making Decision To Retire Pre-Tournament

Ellen White speaks exclusively  about the impact of England’s Euro triumph & her role in changing the face of the women’s game across a 17-year professional career; “When people say ‘we haven’t won a trophy since ’66 & then you come along’, I think what on earth have we done?”

“When I arrived here today and saw it, I was like ‘I want it, I’m going to hold it, I want to cuddle it’.” Ellen White’s face lit up when she clapped eyes on the silhouette of the European trophy, its silver glint shimmering in the September sunshine.

White’s star-studded career, filled with unrivalled success and personal achievement, reached its crescendo at Wembley Stadium in late July. Ever since, her name has become irreversibly connected with the most successful chapter in the history of England Women’s national team.