‘I’m Now a Born Again Christian,’ Ruger Announces After Deliverance Service

Nigerian Dancehall maestro Ruger has announced that he has given his life to Christ in preparation for the release of his debut album.

Ruger the Born Again Christian: On Thursday, 22nd September 2022, Ruger announced via his Instagram story that he has turned a new leaf spiritually and he has taken the bold step of giving his life to Christ.
He made this revelation known after he underwent what he described as a deliverance service at Tabernacle Christian Centre.
“I’ve confessed a lot of things on this album. I’m now born again guys. Shout out to Tabernacle Christian Centre for the deliverance service,” reads the caption of a post of Ruger in front of the Church.
New man, new album: Ruger has presented himself as a new man reborn in Christ which he reveals was motivated by the experience of creating his debut album.

The highly anticipated album is set for release later in the year and fans will be excited to see what the Dancehall Ragga sensation has in store after releasing two hugely successful EPs.

It’s left to be seen how Ruger’s decision to give his life to Christ will shape his artistry given that he is notorious for making music that might not be really considered Christ-like.

At any rate, his debut album will sure reveal a lot.

Source: pulse.ng