Johnnie Walker, Sarz announce collaboration to celebrate power of progress

Johnnie Walker, the world’s leading Scotch whisky brand, is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Sarz, the award-winning Nigerian record producer and musician.

This partnership celebrates the power of creatives and the importance of progress bringing together two icons in their respective industries to create something truly special.

Coming off the heels of its ‘Keep Walking’ and ‘No Labels’ campaign, Johnnie Walker and Sarz join forces to create an exciting new project to celebrate progress and inspire creatives.

The Johnnie Walker and Sarz collaboration was born out of a shared commitment to push boundaries and strive for excellence. The project is set to showcase the best of both brands, combining Johnnie Walker’s spirit of progress with Sarz’s innovative approach to music.

Johnnie Walker unveils the campaign with an invite-only event, with a select group of media, influencers, creatives, music and whiskey enthusiasts in attendance.