Malawi authorities raid refugee homes.

Malawi authorities have raided the homes and businesses of refugees and asylum seekers operating in the capital, Lilongwe to force them to relocate to a camp some forty kilometers north of the city.

Officers from the Malawi Police and the Department of Immigration rounded up more than three hundred refugees and asylum seekers mostly from Burundi and Ethiopia and are currently holding them in jail, while waiting for their relocation to the Dzaleka refugee camp.

Malawian laws prohibit refugees and asylum seekers from staying outside a refugee camp.

Homeland Security Minister, Mr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma has in the past said there is no reason for the refugees to leave their designated camp which he said “has facilities that meet international standards including primary and secondary schools, a health centre and a public market”.

The refugees, however, disagree saying they prefer to live inside the city, away from the camp where there are better business opportunities and schools for their children.