Mami Wata: CJ Obasi’s latest international win

CJ ‘Fiery’ Obasi’s ‘Mami Wata’ has been picked up by Paris-based sales-producer-distributor Alief, fresh off its remarkable Sundance win.

Variety reports that the fast-growing indie sales, distribution and production company has acquired the international rights to the West African folktale.

Commenting on the acquisition, Miguel Angel Govea, a partner at Alief, said: ”We are over the moon about ‘Mami Wata,’ our favorite adventure fantasy film of Sundance 2023. C.J. has concocted a mesmerizing and enthralling folk tale where all expectations are upended by cleverly grounding the film in magic realism.”

‘Mami Wata’ explores the fate of a local deity and her followers in a rapidly-changing world after a stranger washes to shore.

The movie made history as the first homegrown Nigerian film at Sundance, where it won a special jury prize for its striking cinematography.

Seven years in the making, the film continues to attract great reviews as it makes the festival rounds. It will be the closing night film at MoMi First Look 2023.