Outrage as Oladips faces backlash for alleged death hoax

In a shocking turn of events, Nigerian rapper Oladips has come under fire from music enthusiasts and industry colleagues after allegedly faking his own death to generate publicity for his latest album.

The news of Oladips’ supposed demise spread like wildfire, plunging the music industry into mourning and leaving fans and colleagues in shock.

It was even more touching because the industry was yet to get over the death of Mohbad, who died in September.

Notably, veteran rapper Eedris Abdulkareem has stepped forward to counsel Oladips against resorting to such extreme measures for album promotion.

Abdulkareem expressed his disapproval, emphasizing the moral and ethical implications of faking one’s death.

He highlighted the dishonesty and deception involved, urging Oladips to seek more genuine ways to promote his work.

“Faking your death was wrong and dishonest as it involves deception and deliberately misleading others and causing them emotional distress.

“ It is morally wrong to do such because the highest spiritual values of life can originate from the thought and study of death. Death will find you but seek road which makes death a fulfilment not faking it earn streams or sell a product.”

Despite the emergence of news confirming Oladips’ continued existence, his management has yet to issue a statement either refuting or acknowledging the death hoax.

However, the release of the new album two days after his death sparked speculations on social media.

The silence from the rapper’s team has fuelled further criticism and raised questions about the ethics of using such sensational tactics for promotional purposes.

As the controversy unfolds, industry players and fans are expressing their disappointment and calling for accountability, stressing the need for authenticity and responsibility in the pursuit of fame and success.

Source: Tribuneonline .com