Ponmo Ban: Citizens React

Mixed reactions have trailed the ban on consumption of animal skin popularly called “Ponmo” by the federal government to revive the leather industry.

Ponmo can be used for the production of Shoes, bags, wallets, belts and upholstery covers among others.
Recall that in recent reports, Director-General, Nigeria Institute of Leather and Science Technology Zaria, Mr Muhammed Yakubu, said the animal skin has no nutritional value, hence, there should be a ban.

Judith Young of the Reportorial Unit who sampled opinions of some Bayelsans on the issue reports that while some are looking at affordability of ponmo to other parts of meat especially for the indigent in society, others saw the ban as a welcome development to boost the economy.

In an interview, Chief Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecology, Federal Medical Center Yenagoa, Dr. James Omietimi, said the issue is two sided because for consumption, it is the only part of meat that  serves as an easy means of generating revenue.

A Public servant, Chief Inenyo Yousuo, said rather than complete prohibition of ponmo for consumption, government can make it expensive to buy so that only those who can afford it could do so and by so doing, more will be left to expand the leather industry.
A resident of Yenagoa, Miss Tina Watson explained that, although she is not a lover of ponmo except in “Afang soup”, embraced the ban as it will improve the business in Nigeria and leather products will become cheaper.

Another respondent, who pleaded anonymity said the unhygienic manner in which sellers preserve the meat in order to make more profits is not suitable for eating, therefore subscribed to the ban.