President Buhari leaves official residence with seventeen days to end tenure

With seventeen days to the end of his regime, the President
Muhammadu Buhari has moved out of his official residence inside the
Aso Rock Presidential Villa to the Glass House which is a temporary
structure that has served as the abode of outgoing presidents since
nineteen ninety one.
The move is to allow for maintenance works on the residence in
preparation for its next occupant, President-elect Bola Tinubu.
Reports say most of Buhari’s aides have also been moving their
personal belongings out of the seat of power in order to create room
for Tinubu’s personal aides and key Presidency officials.
According to investigation, the nature of renovations in the main
residence, a senior State House that the thirty-two year-old edifice
was being coated with white paint, while some of its sections were
being cleaned and fumigated.
However, the renovation, which largely entails finishing and fittings,
will not include the provision of new sets of furniture as the incoming
President will determine whether to change the existing ones or not.