Whitemoney drags BBNaija women, says they waste their time on the show

Whitemoney said that most of the ladies on the show, after leaving, come to him to connect them with his rich friends.

On an episode of Nedu’s ‘The Honest Bunch,’ the singer revealed that many of his female peers enter reality TV shows primarily to flaunt themselves rather than pursue opportunities. He said that he milked—and is still milking—the many goodies the show has to offer.

He remarked that the female housemates always fail to effectively promote themselves; instead, they engage in time-wasting activities and show off their bodies so they can get “customers” on the outside.

However, Doyin replied, claiming that the only thing he did was introduce her to his manager, who, according to her, liked her a lot when she was in the house.

She wrote, “In your words “Doyin you know what I did For you” guys, this bleached man met me at intercontinental. I said hi to him and he Said… Oh! His manager liked me a lot in the house and she would like to manage me. I told him to let me think about it and I’ll Call him in a few days. I did call him back a few days to ask for her number. Is that what you did for me? You asked me if I’m mad….I’m not the one screaming at a microphone like a lunatic talking down on a woman just because she gave you the training you refused to get at home. You just proved your insanity to the entire internet. I’m not the mad one here boo. Ps: calling me “Little” or “small” doesn’t make you big. You’re on the ground! You are nothing in the grand scheme of things. Your microbladed brows look good though. I’ll consider getting one”